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Bamboo Fun is Super Fun!

Wacom pen tablets make digital scrapbooking easy and fun! Imagine sharing your new scrapbook of your grandson’s first steps not only to people who visit your home, but to friends and family around the world. That is the promise of the digital revolution starting with photography and now digital scrapbooking. Your computer gives you a […]

Scrapbooking Your Dreams

Have you ever heard the term: Vision Map or Vision Board?  Or perhaps you have heard of a Dream Journal or Dream Book?  (And no I am not speaking of dream interpretation books). These books are essentially scrapbooks of dreams to come. They are filled with photo’s and journals and stats and documents of dreams […]

Your Creativity & Scrapbooking

Your creative canvas can and will be anything you want it to be. Someday soon, you will be able conceptualize the masterpiece before you even create it. And like a graffiti artist – you will piece it together, color by color, letter by letter, item by item – until one day…your masterpiece will be your best creative expression.

Scrapbook Your Thoughts

Your thoughts are the reason you scrapbook.  You see an event to take place and you want to preserve your memories (your thoughts), you watch a television show that makes you think about the people you love and how you can show it and share it, you meet a new baby and you want to […]

Scrapbooking Update

Hello there, this is Cijaye DePradine (owner of I have been writing a few Scrapbooking Ideas articles lately (just to catch myself up)  – as I was WELL behind on that task. I have just recently released 4 that I would like to share with you. They are: Baby Scrapbook Ideas Kids Scrapbook Ideas Boy […]

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