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Romantic Scrapbooking Ideas

Romantic Scrapbooking 101 by Cijaye DePradine There is a common term that a photo can say a thousand words, but Scrapbooking your photos can provide more than just words, it can preserve memories and momento’s much more profoundly than a photo ever would on it’s own. Scrapbooks are a way for people to reminisce about […]

Scrapbooking Ideas – What to Scrapbook.

Want to scrapbook but don’t know WHAT to scrapbook?  Do you have too many ideas and need some direction or do you simply need scrapbook ideas because you are fresh out? Why not…consider creating a scrapbook around the following: Graduation Scrapbook Ideas (supplies / quotes):  Make the cover of the scrapbook a grad cap with […]

Scrapbook Wedding Album Gifts

Is a family member or close friend getting married soon?  Are you hoping to give them a scrapbook wedding album as their gift? Are you in the same boat that so many others have been in as well… i.e. having difficulty finding the perfect album to gift to them? We know how you feel.  It’s […]

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