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Are you passionate about helping others learn how to scrapbook, helping them take their scrapbooking to the next level or helping them learn how to make money scrapbooking? Do you have a history of sharing tips and secrets with them about how to do just that?

Or better yet, are you already helping others with scrapbooking – from within your own business?

If so, we want to speak with you.  We would LOVE to share your secrets with our audience. Beginning October 15th  2010, we are launching a Kickstart Program to help other Scrapbooking businesses JUST LIKE YOURS. When you become a member of our Kickstart Program you get:

  1. An extended directory listing on (logo and bio included) (=1 link to your site)
  2. An audio interview (between and yourself) (=1 link to your site)
    • posted to and submitted to podcast directories across the globe.
  3. A thorough review of your best selling product done by – posted to our site (=1 link to your site)
  4. Our stamp of approval to post ON your site (which then links back to your review) (=1 link to us)
  5. 10 exclusive, article placements on our site (you’re the expert in your subject, you get to write them) (=10 links to your site)
  6. PLUS 4 email marketing messages; 2 informative emails and 2 promotional emails sent to our subscriber list (=4 emails, with links to your site)

Awesome right! That’s incredible content permanently LINKING to your site from at least 17 different pages/posts/places!!!  And that DOESN’T include the modest amounts of Podcast and Article Directory submissions that will link back to those pages that we naturally do for our site anyhow – – nor does it include the organic SEO you will benefit from!

This is undoubtedly a long-term value promotional package!
We like it too! :lol:

But wait…. there is something you should know.  We do go through a very detailed approval process to ensure that Kickstart Partners are truly geared towards Helping Others Learn and Benefit from Scrapbooking – and that they operate an ethical business that truly honors its customers.

The current fee for this approval process is $67 (non-refundable). It simply covers our cost to review your submissions and get them online.  It’s a STEAL at this price and come December 2010 it will go up to $199 per entry.

This incredibly low fee keeps your program partnership alive for one year once approved.  PLUS the better news is…. This price will grandfathered in if you meet our approval again the following year – it will also auto renew. *You must cancel before the annual renewal date if you do not wish to continue with us.

Remember if you act before December 15 2010 your price will only be $67/year!!!!

Approval fee’s will increase to $199/year shortly. So if you wish to get in, you must do it asap!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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