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If you are getting ready to create this years best photo album for the kids this is the article for you. I have a few great tips and tricks that might come in very handy…

First, as you may have learned, many photo’s look extra special on a scrapbook page, it’s undeniable.

This is especially true with Children and Baby photo’s because there are so many wonderful scrapbook papers and embellishments around for them.  The supply is endless really.

BUT…there is an issue…if you have taken a lot of photos of your baby or children in the past you know just how hard it can be to get a great photo.  Children lose focus very quickly.  Very few photo’s will have your children looking at the camera, others will catch movement and therefore create blur — then in others you might see a runny nose or eye that you didn’t quite catch standing far back enough to shoot.  It can be a mess if you are not a trained eye for these things.

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That’s why hiring a pro is SOMETIMES the only option you have of capturing those best years in the best way possible. You get a lot of GREAT shots as opposed to one among hundreds.  Yes it can take more time, but it’s worth it – especially if this child or baby scrapbook album is pre-planned and dedicated to perfection.

I know my professional shoot with our baby photographer made for one of my absolute favorite scrapbook albums in the end.  Every photo was picture perfect and every one of those was further enhanced with the best page elements to tell the story.  It was perfect.

The only suggestions I have before hiring a pro to do your baby or child photo’s are as follows:

  • Brainstorm ideas on the net; look at other baby or child photos and find the ones you like most
  • Create a folder on your computer of your favorites so that you can sort through them and create some sort of plan with them
  • Share your vision and some of the sample photos with the photographer so that you can work with them to get the outcome you desire
  • THEN let the photographer do what they do best — they are the pro’s after all.  They will keep your photo’s in mind as well as your vision — but every photographer is different.  Be okay with it if they are uncomfortable reproducing some of the photo’s you shared — if they haven’t done this before it could be too forced and the photo’s might not turn out right.  On the other hand, if they haven’t done it but are willing to try – don’t expect too much or be disappointed if they don’t turn out.
  • Remember in the end that your hired photographer is the artist here.  You are simply helping them understand what you hope to see in the end.

Speaking of artistic photographers….I wanted to finish this post with a brief introduction to  Children and Baby Photographer –  Christi Powell. (She is the photography of the amazing shot you see above).

I found something very intriguing about Christi’s work when she introduced herself to me — and if you are a frequent visitor of my site and share similar likes as I do, perhaps you will like her as well.

She not only has a great knack for getting up close and personal to children and capturing their TRUE innocence on camera but she also works well with props in her photos.

No she’s not over the top with props (at least I don’t think so) but as someone who has taken a LOT of photo’s in the past as well, I know how awkward or ill placed a prop can appear in a photo or how it can ruin what would otherwise be a great photo if you don’t really know what you are doing.   Sometimes our children need their toys (or props) to stay put long enough for a good photo too.

Christi seems to use these to her advantage.

Her photo’s also seem to have extremely vibrant colors.  Again, another hard to achieve asset in any photo.

Christi Powell is located in Raleigh, NC .  I am not sure if she would fly out your way for a photo shoot but there’s no harm in asking if you have the budget for that too.

BTW: If you have worked with Christi in the past, please feel free to share more great stories about her.  I do like her style.  Otherwise, if you know of any other great Child and Baby Photographers in different cities or states, please feel free to comment below.  We’d love to start a list of them here on Scrapbooking Directions.

Happy scrapbooking to all of you.


  1. It all starts with the photos I always say! Finding a good photographer is very important as well as scrapbooking your memories! If you struggle with that part, I take the craziness out of learning and teach you the way nobody else does!

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