CuttleBug Embossing Machine To Die For!

Okay so…I will openly admit that although I LOVE card making and scrapbooking to no end…I am NOT the expert I hope to be yet.  I believe this is because once you learn one great scrapbooking technique – or scrapbooking tool – out comes another and another and another.

That’s why I spend an AWEFUL lot of time reviewing what other people do in scrapbooking.  I collect books, supplies and tools like there is NO TOMORROW.  I can’t get enough scrapbooking and paper craft ideas that’s for sure.

This is a multi-billion dollar industry that appeals to many creative people.

If you aren’t creating scrapbook layouts – maybe you are making cards with

scrapbooking supplies.  If you aren’t doing either, perhaps you are designing scrapbook papers or embellishments or creating new machines like the  AccuCut or CuttleBug.

Or maybe you are taking it all to this whole other level!  Perhaps you are making paper mushrooms or paper houses – because they are super cool to look at!

But if you happen to be one of those people who just like to see it all and get inspired by it all…then there is absolute MUST see site for you!!!  Be prepared to have your MIND BLOWN however…this stuff is absolutely FANTASTIC!

Check it out CuttleBug Embossing Die Cutting Everything fans … I had to share this link!  I was blown away from first SIGHT!

This site is a great review of cuttlebug’s capabilities but also a fantastic sourceo of ideas for all of you diecutting, embossing maching fans.  You will love it.

Kudo’s to you Maggie Lamarre: Owner of , you are offering great value with your blog! 

FYI: If you click to visit this blog, you may find yourself clicking on an off of the site to view some of the projects – but it’s definitely a site worth bookmarking as it will lead you to all of the great cuttlebug samples tips and ideas you could ever need!

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