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At we realize how incredibly difficult it can be to find the time to scrapbook and make cards,  let alone make MANY!  As such we’ve discovered an OUTSTANDING way to make the time we do have go a WHOLE lot further…and extend to many friends, family and loved ones at the same time.

We’ve joined forces with a Personalized Greeting Cards Company!

Here’s how it works for the scrapbookers and cardmakers in us…

  1. We design pages or cards that we would LOVE to share with others (especially over the holiday season)
  2. We scan or photograph those pages or cards and upload them to our media folders at our online greeting card store
  3. Then we add those images to a PicturesPlus card that we customize on the front and inside
  4. We add the recipients we want to send our beautiful personalized greeting cards to
  5. Then our greeting cards store prints the cards ON DEMAND, and post mails them for us!!!
  6. *Of course we always send a copy to ourselves so we can see them too
  7. And we are ALWAYS AMAZED at how incredibly beautiful and professional these personalized greeting cards are! Not to mention how inexpensive they are to create and send to those we care about.

If we can’t find the time to make and scan our own exclusive designs that’s okay too – our personalized greeting card store has over 15,000 unique designs to choose from and they are in many cases, better than store bought cards.  Especially when you remember that every word inside the cards CAN come from you!

Send Out Cards Greeting Card Store

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So here’s how it works…

  1. Visit our special greeting cards Site
  2. Select whether you want to send a card, send a card with a gift or set up your own account.
  3. And that’s it!  *Depending on the choice you make, you will get a different interface to make your cards.

NOTE: When you set up an account – you get an incredible amount of discounted product – you can customize your cards MORE, you get access to even BETTER FEATURES and you can even take your account to the next level and become a Send Out Card Distributor and  Money Make helping others join as well !!!

Whether you want to send personalized greeting cards for Business or Personal reasons the cost to use Send Out Cards is LESS than a store bought card or even your very own customized design and a professional print shop.

You will never forget a birthday, anniversary, special occasion, holiday wish or thank you ever again!  You can share your event invitations, engagement announcements, shower thank you cards and so much more with as little as 3 clicks of your mouse!

You can choose favorites and send the same ones each and every time to different people if you like – OR you can take the time to choose a card that truly speaks to each of your recipients each time you wish to send.

The choices are endless and the opportunities to take your greeting cards to the next level are truly unbelievable!  You have to try it today! You will LOVE IT! We promise!

We make sending greeting cards SIMPLE!

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