Halloween Scrapbook Planning

The countdown is officially on for Halloween friends and for many of you it’s going to provide some of the best photos to Scrapbook let alone stories to share!

But do have a plan in place to maximize all that you get out of this halloween scrapbook?

For instance….Have you figured out what kind of album it will be? What kind of layouts you will create? What photos would be perfect? What patterned papers, stickers, rub on’s, accents, embellishments etc you will use?

Are you good at making lists? Maybe you can try for this project and see if it helps.

My list would probably start with what photo’s I would use. Here are some that come to mind right now….

Decorations in the house
Decorations outside of the house (our neighbors go all out each year)
The kids getting ready
Us getting ready
The final halloween costumes
The houses around the neighborhood
Our kids Opening their bags for candy
Our kids eating candy
Hubby and I sneaking candy to eat (lol)
The kids taking off the face paint
OR the kids sleeping with facepaint if we are all too lazy
And every great moment in between and after

You get the point right. The goal is get what you want from the event and make the absurd best out if in the scrapbook.

So what is your plan for this years halloween scrapbook? We’d love to hear about it- please comment.

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