Organizing a Scrapbook Room

If you ever take on such a task of creating a scrapbook room or organizing a scrapbook room you will find heaven on earth when you are done!

Honestly, there is nothing more amazing than to have properly organized, spacious room devoted to your craft. At least that’s how I feel now that I have done this. Scrapbooking is the craft of peace and tranquility for me. It’s therapy without the tears!

So needless to say when I got started on organizing my scrapbook room – I was feeling a wave of relief coming over me.  In fact, I have been excited ever since the idea popped into my head.

And here’s how it all began.

First, I decided that our toy room had outlived itself. (Thank goodness). The kids are finally at that age where they spend most of their time on education, sports & leisure, entertainment and their arts (drawing, writing, reading and of course the occasion crafts).  They barely touched the toys they had piled up against the walls and all over the floor.

So, we have taken the last year or so to purge the contents of that room. Starting with old toys and ending with old furniture.  All in all, I think we shot out approx 8 garbage bags of toys and well over 6 pieces of fairly large furniture.

Then my dream started to form. I envisioned how I would like to reorganize the room and build a scrapbooking / crafts station out of the space.

I finally took the trip down to ikea and low and behold – in the all inspiring AS IS room were the perfekt items. (Tee hee – – I spelled that wrong for a reason).

The shelf you see here is called PERFEKT; and or course an Ikea origina.  Unlike the image on the left (courtesy of Ikea)  my shelves are white.  Lucky for me however they were discontinuing them at my local Ikea.  So they went down in price from approx $200.00 Canadian to $25.00 a set!!!! (Where else can you buy sturdy shelves for that price now adays!)

The shelves themselves are 30″ x30″ so they are the perfekt height from the ground to create a desktop if properly organized to balance off a  table top.

They had about 8 sets there, and I purchased 5 of them.  I also found a few perfekt sized boards to make for the table top(s) I had in mind.

Then as I was brainstorming how I was going to hide the open shelving in the middle and bottom, some perfekt sized storage bins (fabric – in green and white stripes) caught my eye.  These were exactly the right measurements to slip into the shelves in replace of the rods you see in the photo. (But I didn’t do this for all of them).

scrapbook roomI have kept the rods on one of the shelves and used it to house my Scrapbook Papers, Albums and Magazines / Books.  Again, between the two shelves, and the rods the spacing was absolutely perfekt!  The name could not be better!!!!

The next journey on this mission to get organized and have the scrapbook room of my dreams (for now anyhow) is to install the pegboard.  There is nothing better than pegboard I tell you!  I worked in retail for years and I know how versatile this stuff can be.

I got it primarily to organize my ribbons (which by the way the extra rods are going to come in VERY HANDY for). (Perfekt again, I know!!!).  I will also use it to store my embellishments though – as there are so many and I tend to forget them when they are stored away in baskets or bins.

Long story short…

…I am praying you will be inspired by my vision and that you find these shelves as PERFEKT as I do when you wish to get out and organize a scrapbooking room!

Happy organizing to you!

P.S. Thank you IKEAHacker for publishing this story on your site!


  1. I love those shelves! What a great idea– I never would have thought of that!
    So glad I landed here :)

    My favorite organization tool: The Ribbon Box. It holds 27 spools of ribbon at once and it’s just under $20. I like great deals!! :)

    • Hi Katrina.

      Glad you like the post. I have seen the Ribbon Box before too – it’s great. I plan (very soon) to use my peg board for my ribbons – and I will use the RODS from the plate rack to hold them. So great!!! Can’t wait to do it. When we get in to our new house it will happen, then I will post photos. :o)

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