My Review Of Wise Decor Decals

Recently I was fortunate enough to receive a complimentary gift from Wise Decor – which I had happily accepted in exchange for this review. Boy am I ever ecstatic that I did this.  I absolutely love this decal.  And no, it is NOTHING like the ones you get in Michaels, Winners, HomeSense, Urban Barn or […]

Save Memories While Saving Money

Love Scrapbooking but concerned about the expenses? We hear you!  We’ve spent thousands on scrapbooking supplies ourselves. Each of the individual pieces and unique designs that are available for scrapbooking can add up after a while. You should not have to spend a small fortune to be able to preserve your precious memories in a […]

Whisker Prints Pages?

Cat lovers, vintage lovers & artistically inspired Scrapbookers – this is for you! If you are getting tired of the same old scrapbooking background papers and you want something a lot more original and definitely artsy to display in your home or set the mood for your scrapbook albums. I have a great treat for you… I […]

Children and Baby Photography

If you are getting ready to create this years best photo album for the kids this is the article for you. I have a few great tips and tricks that might come in very handy… First, as you may have learned, many photo’s look extra special on a scrapbook page, it’s undeniable. This is especially […]

Toy Camera Photography

Every savvy scrapbooker knows that her scrapbook pages are 1 part photo’s, 1 part layout and 1 part design/elements — and all of it is creative!  The more unique ways we can take our photo’s,  layout or design to the next level our pages will be better for it and our friends, family or even […]

Handmade Fathers Day

Ready to make those homemade gifts for dad? If you have been to this site before, you may have figured out that I absolutely LOVE all things hand crafted.  It’s not just about scrapbooking — though that’s certainly one of my favorite crafts.  But when it comes right down to it, I just love creativity. […]

Fathers Day Quotes

We’ve shared a few great quotes on this site from time to time (you can search the word QUOTES to find them all)…and there is no doubt we will share more…but what we have not done in a while is share dad quotes nor have we asked for your favorite quotes! These one’s we found on […]

Graduation Quotes

Looking for a few great graduation quotes for your next graduation scrapbook? Why not try some of these: A graduation ceremony is an event where the commencement speaker tells thousands of students dressed in identical caps and gowns that “individuality” is the key to success.  ~Robert Orben Just about a month from now I’m set […]

Spring Cleanup

Guess what ladies!  It’s time to get your scrapbooking room organized again! The last thing you want to do is rummage through a stack of papers, ribbons, accents and findings to gather the supplies you need for that Summer Birthday bash you will be attending.  Plus it’s the last thing you want to be wasting […]

Digital Scrapbooking Ideas

As we work towards improving our website here at Scrapbooking Directions we are reminded that there are key areas that  scrapbookers are always searching for inspiration from.  One of those being digital scrapbooking. This page is dedicated to just that.  Giving digital scrapbookers ideas and inspiration for their scrapbook pages or other digital projects. Here’s […]

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