Mothers Day Scrapbook Layout Challenge

Now that was a mouthfull!  Say that 100x. Tee Hee. Okay. Now seriously – if you want to make something really special for mom this year (or even a very close friend, like I did) and you want to challenge your scrapbooking skills to new lengths…I’ve decided to pin some great ideas and layout challenges […]

Mothers Day Scrapbook

That time of year is rapidly approaching now.  You have less than a month to plan and prepare for that perfect mothers day. So how are you going to treat your mom this year? (Yes, you can plan for your own mother’s day as well… but lets focus on your mom right now.) You could […]

Christmas Scrapbook / Card Making Mix

Are you getting ready for the Holiday Season yet? Are you looking for a really unique and creative way to share a few treasured photo’s or stories with your loved ones (when they visit; or by way of a gift to them)? is getting ready. We’ve combined the amazing joy we have for Card […]

Halloween Scrapbook Challenges

Hallow Scrapbookers…. We are finally down to the last few days before Halloween and our Scrapbooking Minds are starting to spook even us out.  We are dreaming up new layout ideas, new scrapbook page designs, new everything and anything Halloween.  But then we are hit with the “I can’t get started” bug. So what do […]

Halloween Pumpkin Carving

If you are creative and crafty chances are very high that you are one of those types of persons who LOVES to go all out on the holidays and use your skills to create decorations around the home.  You probably set the scene with your homemade crafts for outstanding conversation pieces.   If Halloween were your […]

Halloween Scrapbooking Ideas

Halloween is FAST approaching and before you know it – it will be here. So what are you going to be doing for Halloween? Do you plan a big halloween party? Do you create your own posters or hand made halloween invitations? Perhaps you create or decorate halloween treat bags? Or even MAKE halloween treats […]

Halloween Fun For Scrapbookers

Okay fellow scrapbookers – I need to share with you how incredibly excited I am that Halloween is nearly here.  At the current time myself and my son are couch ridden with signs of the flu – but just the idea of  Halloween being around the corner gives us the willpower to fight through this.  […]

Summer Scrapbooking Ideas

Wow! Has it ever been a long time since I posted to this site.  I feel HORRIBLE about it – but as some of you may know, my primary line of business is consulting (eCommerce / Internet Marketing consulting to be exact) and needless to say 2010 was my best year EVER in this business […]

CuttleBug Embossing Machine To Die For!

Okay so…I will openly admit that although I LOVE card making and scrapbooking to no end…I am NOT the expert I hope to be yet.  I believe this is because once you learn one great scrapbooking technique – or scrapbooking tool – out comes another and another and another. That’s why I spend an AWEFUL […]

Digital Scrapbooking Takes on New Meaning!

Whether you are brand new to scrapbooking, new to digital scrapbooking or have a lot of experience in all things scrapbooking (including digital scrapbooking) – you will forever be on the hunt for the next best thing in Scrapbooking!

This is for sure!

So, we think we’ve got it. It’s not an outrageous concept. It’s probably been thought of by others already…but for us here at is the scrapbooking idea of the day that simply had to be shared.

Here’s what we’ve come up with…(hope you like it!)…

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