How To Make Money With Your Scrapbooking Blog – Without HARD SELLING!

I am never shocked when a fellow scrapbooking business owner tells me that they don’t have a website of their own…or that perhaps they have a blog but that they don’t do much with it other than the occasional update. Although there are THOUSANDS of fantastic scrapbooking businesses online – not all of them are […]

Grow your scrapbooking business into a huge success!

Is it finally time for you to start thinking REAL business for your scrapbooking business!? Perhaps you are just getting started with your scrapbooking business and want to do it RIGHT from the get go…or perhaps you have had your own scrapbooking business for quite some time now and need to take it to the […]

Scrapbook Business Cards

Your scrapbooking business cards need a REAL MARKETERS touch!  Design is NOT enough.  Yes, they should look professional and well designed…but that’s only half of the point! You need scrapbooking business cards that tell your audience what you do! Afterall – the most classic home for a business card is a drawer or roladex somewhere.  […]

Marketing A Scrapbook Business

What do you do to market your scrapbooking business?  Do you: Share your business name/contact info in your email signature? Have a business card and disperse it WIDELY? Have letterhead or promo pieces for special occasions? Boot around town with your business details in vinyl lettering on your car? Frequent scrapbooking events all over town […]

Promote Your Scrapbooking Business

Whether you are a freelance scrapbooker – making occasional income on the side as a service provider, consultant, demonstrator or distributor… OR you are a bonafide scrapbooking business  owner – you can never have enough promotion for your business! But you do need the RIGHT promotion. Every business does! Here’s where we can help. […]

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