My Review Of Wise Decor Decals

Recently I was fortunate enough to receive a complimentary gift from Wise Decor – which I had happily accepted in exchange for this review. Boy am I ever ecstatic that I did this.  I absolutely love this decal.  And no, it is NOTHING like the ones you get in Michaels, Winners, HomeSense, Urban Barn or […]

Whisker Prints Pages?

Cat lovers, vintage lovers & artistically inspired Scrapbookers – this is for you! If you are getting tired of the same old scrapbooking background papers and you want something a lot more original and definitely artsy to display in your home or set the mood for your scrapbook albums. I have a great treat for you… I […]

Scrapbooking Sayings

Many avid Scrapbookers know that your Scrapbook Pages are not just about the layouts, photo’s or elements on page – but also the words and how you say them.  Some people struggle to find the right words, others struggle with how to lay out the words on page. Often famous quotes or sayings from well […]

Romantic Scrapbooking Ideas

Romantic Scrapbooking 101 by Cijaye DePradine There is a common term that a photo can say a thousand words, but Scrapbooking your photos can provide more than just words, it can preserve memories and momento’s much more profoundly than a photo ever would on it’s own. Scrapbooks are a way for people to reminisce about […]

Scrapbooking Ideas – What to Scrapbook.

Want to scrapbook but don’t know WHAT to scrapbook?  Do you have too many ideas and need some direction or do you simply need scrapbook ideas because you are fresh out? Why not…consider creating a scrapbook around the following: Graduation Scrapbook Ideas (supplies / quotes):  Make the cover of the scrapbook a grad cap with […]

Style At Home Organizing for Scrapbookers

Okay crafty ladies I KNOW you are going to love this one since so many of you have visited my Organize a Scrapbooking Room page,  emailed your comments and idea requests to me personally. I thank you for that PLUS I take your HINTS and offer you this as a follow up…. Today, I received […]

Halloween Fun For Scrapbookers

Okay fellow scrapbookers – I need to share with you how incredibly excited I am that Halloween is nearly here.  At the current time myself and my son are couch ridden with signs of the flu – but just the idea of  Halloween being around the corner gives us the willpower to fight through this.  […]

Back To School Scrapbook

Are you excited that your child is going back to school in less than a few weeks now?  I know I am.  I am excited for them – and I am excited for myself.  They are bored when they are just sitting around at home doing nothing – and I feel bad that I am […]

Summer Scrapbooking Ideas

Wow! Has it ever been a long time since I posted to this site.  I feel HORRIBLE about it – but as some of you may know, my primary line of business is consulting (eCommerce / Internet Marketing consulting to be exact) and needless to say 2010 was my best year EVER in this business […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-13

Want to compliment your scrapbooking income? Become a distributor – DM today if interested # Daughter says: If I won Wipeout I would keep all the money and just buy some ice cream! AWESOME!!! # My Side Wiki Is Live…Check it out: # Get your holiday greetings done early! # Get Google […]

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