Mothers Day Scrapbook

That time of year is rapidly approaching now.  You have less than a month to plan and prepare for that perfect mothers day. So how are you going to treat your mom this year? (Yes, you can plan for your own mother’s day as well… but lets focus on your mom right now.) You could […]

Easier Die Cutting with Cricut and Cara Miller

Today’s blog post is from Guest Blogger and Die Cutting Expert Cara Miller. Her goal is to help you make your Cricut die cutting easier! is very excited to have her share her “laser sharp” expertise and we do hope to have her contribute more in the future. BTW: Your comments below will help both […]

Easter Scrapbooking Idea – Mini Albums & Egg Capsules

Your HUNT is over!  We have the perfect Easter Scrapbook Ideas right here! I want to keep this post short if I can…I know you are very busy – but also very interested in getting great Easter Scrapbook Album ideas that you can run with and make your own.  So here is my latest and […]

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Scrapbook Wedding Album Gifts

Is a family member or close friend getting married soon?  Are you hoping to give them a scrapbook wedding album as their gift? Are you in the same boat that so many others have been in as well… i.e. having difficulty finding the perfect album to gift to them? We know how you feel.  It’s […]

Christmas Scrapbook / Card Making Mix

Are you getting ready for the Holiday Season yet? Are you looking for a really unique and creative way to share a few treasured photo’s or stories with your loved ones (when they visit; or by way of a gift to them)? is getting ready. We’ve combined the amazing joy we have for Card […]

Halloween Card Ideas

If you frequent this website enough you must know by now that I (Cijaye DePradine; owner of this site and the primary author) am a huge fan of all things Halloween.  I just love how UNIQUE it is.  I also love how it lends itself to creative minds across the globe.  So for this article…I […]

Halloween Scrapbook Challenges

Hallow Scrapbookers…. We are finally down to the last few days before Halloween and our Scrapbooking Minds are starting to spook even us out.  We are dreaming up new layout ideas, new scrapbook page designs, new everything and anything Halloween.  But then we are hit with the “I can’t get started” bug. So what do […]

Halloween Scrapbook Planning

The countdown is officially on for Halloween friends and for many of you it’s going to provide some of the best photos to Scrapbook let alone stories to share! But do have a plan in place to maximize all that you get out of this halloween scrapbook? For instance….Have you figured out what kind of […]

Halloween Scrapbooking Ideas

Halloween is FAST approaching and before you know it – it will be here. So what are you going to be doing for Halloween? Do you plan a big halloween party? Do you create your own posters or hand made halloween invitations? Perhaps you create or decorate halloween treat bags? Or even MAKE halloween treats […]

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