Please note that some products listed on this page are NOT INCLUDED FOR SALE in the Scrapbooking Discount Specials Feature. Those are products that we do not own, OR that are attached to our old payment system.  The only products that will qualify for the discount offer are those you will find below with this […]

Scrapbooking Tutorial (Our BEST SELLER!)

This is our absolute Best Selling Beginner Scrapbooking Product!  Year after year we sell hundreds of digital copies of this ebook because it breaks down everything a beginner to scrapbooking needs to know. From selecting the perfect scrapbook album, theme, photo’s, patterned papers, colored card stocks, stickers, embellishments and so much more – to tying […]

Ultimate Collection of Scrapbooking Ideas

If you ever wanted a stockpile of ideas on how to plan for or take great photo’s, how to design your own layouts, how to choose the best or even the most unique blends of colors… BEFORE YOU EVEN START SCRAPBOOKING… then this book is for you! This is the one book that guides you […]

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