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Dear Beginner to Scrapbooking,


Welcome to Scrapbooking Directions.  We are excited that you have come to us to learn how to scrapbook.  We’ve been at this since 2007 and while we LOVE scrapbooking, we too feel like there is still so much to learn.  And there is…there are a lot of amazing techniques, media and  tools available to scrapbookers.  Whether you are doing paper or digital scrapbooking — this craft is an ever evolving one!

So….as Educators (first and foremost) ourselves, you might guess how excited we are to meet you – a BEGINNER to scrapbooking!   We love to teach.  So let us, for a moment, step into the teachers seat with you and try to simplify this magical world of scrapbooking so that you can get started down the right path to suits your needs.

Let’s get started…

scrapbooking-smThe absolute first question you should ever ask yourself when you want to learn scrapbooking is WHAT TYPE OF SCRAPBOOKING DO I WANT TO LEARN?

This is critically important because the costs of both paper scrapbooking and digital scrapbooking can add up fairly quickly if you are not carefull.

Both are amazing – and both can be mixed together to make some amazing Hybrid Scrapbooking albums…but you have to start somewhere.

Most people start with paper scrapbooking – but what you start with is your choice.
If you can’t decide for yourself, here are some things to consider.  If you like any of these – then paper scrapbooking is perfect for you.  A “born to be” paper scrapbooker likes:

  1. Hands on homemade crafts!
  2. Printing and placing photo’s into albums (despite the fact that you have a digital camera).
  3. Collecting EVERYTHING that might be a keepsake.
  4. Staring at all of the amazing STUFF your local scrapbooking or craft store has on display? (Especially scrapbook papers, ribbons, stickers and otehr embellishments)
  5. Intrigued by HOW THEY DID THAT when you see amazing techniques on display in stores?
  6. Wondering how all of the tools, are used?
  7. Purchasing really cool supplies and mediums (like stickers, papers, cardstock, ribbons, pens, inks and more) with the intention of making use of them some day because they ARE just so cool?
  8. Inspecting  or learning about new hole punches, embossing mediums, glitters, stamps, specialty inks and the like.

What about…

  1. Collecting little bits and pieces, widgets and trinkets and making use of them?
  2. Having fun with color mediums like water colors, chalk, powders, dies, inks etc?
  3. Having fun with substrates like acrylic, lexan, acetate, vellum, burlap, canvas, micra etc.
  4. Touching and feeling different textures and finished projects?

All of it is fascinating and absolutely incredible to experience of course.  If this describes you – you should definitely lean more towards learning paper scrapbooking or download our scrapbooking ebooks.

wacom-bambooOn the other hand…you will LOVE digital scrapbooking if…

  1. You love to be creative ON THE COMPUTER.
  2. You have more fonts than you will ever use loaded up to your computer.
  3. You are addicted to taking and editing digital photos.
  4. You love that you can pretty much do anything to a digital photo (from removing the background to adding people or objects to it).
  1. You also love your scanner. You scan everything you can think of that might some day be useful on a digital file of sorts.
  2. You read design books for fun or inspiration.
  3. You have a real knack for computer graphics. Or at least you think you do.
  4. And you have endless patience for learning new software and new tricks for that software.
  5. You are willing to print what you do on the computer (from a graphics perspective).

If this is you…Learning Digital Scrapbooking is definitely something you will want to make happen.

If  all of the above (for paper and digital scrapbooking) describes you then you should probably “saddle up” and “get prepared” for a lifelong hobby as a scrapbooker! (We do too; that’s why we are here).

No matter what you choose….you should give scrapbooking a try today.  The sooner the better really.  This industry is just getting bigger and bigger and if you don’t know where to begin now – it will be that much harder to absorb all of the SUPER COOL things you can do in Scrapbooking tomorrow!

P.S. ScrapbookingDirections.com is here to teach you the EASY way to get started with scrapbooking.  We have written a few starter ebooks for absolute beginners – learning how to scrapbook which you can download directly here, and then we also have authored business books for those who are already well into their hobby and ready to make money from it.  YES you can make money scrapbooking.

P.P.S. We will also be here as you progress through intermediate to advanced scrapbooking and whenever you are searching for scrapbooking ideas….we will also be here if one day you decide to open a scrapbooking business.

Please bookmark our site, tell your friends and come back regularly – we are ONLY going to stay in business if we have supporters just like you on board. :)

So good luck to you!  May all of your masterpieces come true!

**Please comment below if you have questions. We are here for YOU!

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