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Thank you for visiting Scrapbooking  When you browse around the site to our many articles you will find plenty of opportunities to learn scrapbooking. But, here on our products page, we feature our BEST SELLERS!

These ebooks are one of a kind!  You cannot find them anywhere else but here.

In fact, Scrapbooking Directions .com has been specializing in “IDEA” ebooks for beginner scrapbookers since 2006!

Our instructional ebooks are very unique in nature.

Unlike the majority of scrapbooking books on the market — we do not force you to follow specific projects with specific products in mind.

We give you ideas and instruction and inspire you to use what you already have!  We give you freedom.

All ebooks can be downloaded immediately upon purchase and are in PDF format.   You can read all of them on the computer, on a tablet and even in compatible eReaders.

All you need is to click your chosen product, securely enter your payment information via Pay Pal and then follow download instructions on the return page.

NOTE:  If you have any issues AFTER purchase you can email us directly at and we guarantee that within 24 hours business days – we will deliver your product via email. It’s that simple.

Take a peek at our amazing scrapbooking tutorial products and choose the one that excites you most today!

What’s Inside This Book?
Looking to see if scrapbooking is a hobby you can really learn to love?Intro To Scrapbooking was written for those who like what they have seen in scrapbooking and want to know whether its the right hobby for them.Covered in this book you will find details on  why to scrapbook, who to scrapbook, what to scrapbook, when to scrapbook and even a little bit of HOW TO SCRAPBOOK.*Intro to Scrapbooking is the ONLY book on the market that talks about all of this as well as the enjoyment and emotional gain you can get from scrapbooking.

It is the ONLY book on the market that tells you how many items you ALREADY have at home that you can Scrapbook with – and for whom and why you would want to.

It is the ONLY book that SIMPLIFIES the concept and makes you feel like you really can do this!

Here’s what some of our customers had to say about Intro to Scrapbooking:

{Individual Price: 7.99}
============================> What’s Inside This Book?
Scrapbooking Tutorial, 9 Simple Steps for Beginner Scrapbookers has been our best seller since 2007!If you looking for a real Step By Step Beginners Guide to Scrapbooking that covers everything from the Scrapbook Album to Choose, to what background papers, photo mats, embellishments, photo’s and tools to use…

The Scrapbooking Tutorial is your definitive guide to getting started with scrapbooking.  Complete with illustrations this book is LOADED with tips, tricks, techniques and little known secrets for scrapbooking that you won’t find every where else.

The biggest advantage you will find with this book over ANY others for those who are new to scrapbooking is that it keeps all of your instructions EASY!

You will not be bogged down with specific projects to try with MUST purchase supplies.  The goal with Scrapbooking Tutorial was to inform you about your choices and how to select the best supplies for the projects at hand.

We are keeping this one SIMPLE!
eBook (Digital Download):
{Individual Price: $9.99}

Printed Book (Shipping required) {Price: $34.99}
Currently on sale at 20% off!

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What’s Inside This Book?
Just as the title says, this book is the Ultimate Collection of Scrapbooking Ideas. If you ever wanted a stockpile of ideas on how to plan for or take great photo’s, how to design your own layouts, how to choose the best or even the most unique blends of colors…BEFORE YOU EVEN START SCRAPBOOKING…then this book is for you!This is the one book that guides you into scrapbooking creativity!Especially if you don’t think you have any creativity or even inspiration now!!!!It shows you how to use the environment around you for scrapbooking ideas and inspiration.

This is a one of a kind book and will open you up to a whole new world of creativity and scrapbooking opportunities that you will have never thought of yourself!  It will change the way you look at the world around you.


PURCHASE ALL 3 of the ABOVE Scrapbooking eBooks BUNDLED TOGETHER for a SPECIAL PRICE of $9.99!

Includes: Introduction to Scrapbooking, Scrapbooking Tutorial and Ultimate Collection of Scrapbooking Ideas in ONE easy to download package!  PLUS it also includes the Layout of The Week Club – which is exclusive to bundle buyers. No shipping required!ebook downloads only: {Your Price Today is ONLY: $9.99 for ALL 3 PDF ebooks!}

Already know how to scrapbook but want to Start a Scrabooking Business? Check these eBooks Out!

============================> What’s In This Book?
Scrapbooking Business Opportunities Revealed “Scrapbooking Business Opportunities Revealed”
(A Quick Start Guide to Choosing the Right Scrapbooking Business)Discover all of the little secrets about the scrapbooking business world.  Learn more about the businesses I mentioned previously AND others.   Right here.This book is a great introduction of Scrapbooking Business Opportunitiesand how you can decide which one is the best for you. You will learn about making scrapbooking products for others, as well as selling your own pre-made scrapbook albums or pages.You will also learn about the scrapbooking consultant opportunities available and what you will gain by pursuing them.

============================> What’s In This Book?
Make Money Scrapbooking “Make Money with Scrapbooking”
Now that you know how scrapbooking works and what sort of scrapbooking business opportunities are available to you – it’s time to create a real business plan.Exclusive to this Website Only – full of invaluable Business Planning and Marketing Information for your Scrapbooking Business this book covers how to prepare yourself emotionally for starting a scrapbooking business, how to create a successful scrapbooking business plan and how to select the right marketing strategies for your scrapbooking business online and offline.Authored by Internet Marketing Expert, Cijaye DePradine – this ebook is a must have for any Scrapbooking Business owner.

============================> What’s In This Book?
Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill If you have not read this book you are missing out.  It is an absolute must read (among a few others) for anyone wishing to succeed in business.Think and Grow Rich,was the outcome of interviewing and researching more than 500 successful men and women in an effort to discover the exact method they applied in order to achieve their respective goals. Included among them were Thomas Edison, Charles Schwab, Henry Ford, Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Alexander Graham Bell, and John D. Rockefeller, alongside many others.With this special gift of Napoleon Hills – “Think And Grow Rich” you can now enjoy this classic work that has inspired many generations of successful, wealthy people who discovered the secretto finding financial freedom.


PURCHASE ALL 3 of the ABOVE Scrapbooking Business Books BUNDLED TOGETHER for a LIMITED TIME SPECIAL PRICE OF $54.95!  19.99!

Includes: Scrapbooking Business Opportunities Revealed, Make Money Scrapbooking and Napoleon Hill’s: Think and Grow Rich. No shipping needed, all books available immediately after purchase through digital download.ebook downloads only
{SPECIAL PRICE: $19.99 for all 3 ebooks!} 

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