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Every savvy scrapbooker knows that her scrapbook pages are 1 part photo’s, 1 part layout and 1 part design/elements — and all of it is creative!  The more unique ways we can take our photo’s,  layout or design to the next level our pages will be better for it and our friends, family or even customers will be that much more excited about what we can do for them.

That’s why I was very excited to learn about this new Hobby Site Hobstr.

Hobstr is brand new  – but they have two great project kits on the site already that appeal to the creative side of me that I simple cannot ignore.  I had to share them.

First is their toy camera kit.  To be specific its a Holga 120N plastic toy camera kit with all the materials and instructions you need + a digital journal / online community to go with it.

It’s a very cool little kit to say the least.

It is also quite nostalgic.  Makes me think of the pin hole camera I made in the first week of my high school Photography class.

This camera is very basic but vintage at the same time. It uses 120mm  film (which is near to extinct in today’s highly digitized camera world) – but because it’s Lomography, toy camera photography, it makes its flaws a feature.  For example these cameras have unique and striking effects such as vignetting, blur, discoloration and lens flaring.  These effects happen naturally and are out of your control — but they are effects that you cannot create naturally with digital photography either.  Only digital editing.

In fact, these exact effects were the inspiration behind smartphone apps like Hipstamatic and Instagram   — which I use quite often on my own iPhone. I love them BOTH too!  It’s just so fun to PLAY with photo’s and do something different with them that you wouldn’t otherwise get to do straight from the camera. There is just something about doing things the “old school”  way now that is very appealing.

There is also something to be said about the NATURAL effects that occur with camera’s like this one  – as opposed to retouching or using apps to create those effects.  Without advanced skills some of that retouching or app work can still look very “fake”.  But not this!  It’s as natural as it gets.

Aside from this kit, they also have a really cool home screenprinting kit too.  It’s a little costlier, but if you are an artsy type – and you create your own digital graphics for your digital scrapbooks – you might be inclined to put some of your best work on t-shirts or pillows too. And why not!?  If you can frame your scrapbook layouts with the same images about the bed, couch or chair that shares the same image on an accent pillow — your home decor takes on a WHOLE new meaning doesn’t it?

Why not expand your hobby skills today with Hobstr?   You might just love what you find there.

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