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Cat lovers, vintage lovers & artistically inspired Scrapbookers – this is for you!

If you are getting tired of the same old scrapbooking background papers and you want something a lot more original and definitely artsy to display in your home or set the mood for your scrapbook albums. I have a great treat for you…

I would like to introduce you to Whisker Prints;  I’ve just been introduced to this company this week and had to share their brilliant concepts with all my scrapbooking ladies.

These incredibly unique dictionary page art prints are definitely a new concept to me.  Yes, I’ve seen plenty of scrapbook papers and pages with newsprint — but I have not seen artistic illustrations, quotes or sayings as delicately printed on them as you will see here.

But, first, I should tell you this art is meant to stand alone in a frame, however – the scrapbooker in me immediately thinks outside the box (or frame).  I jump forward with a ton of great scrapbooking ideas and bang, here I am writing about them.  When I see these prints I am left saying….

  1. I am completely inspired and would love to use this inspiration in my scrapbook pages in some way if I can
  2. I love the quotes.  And every scrapbooker loves quotes.  But what a great idea – putting them on printed dictionary papers like this where the word or words in the quote are either in the original print already – or are inspired by some of the words on page.
  3. Then I also ask: “Why can’t I purchase and scrapbook these as well”?

Since every piece is an original work of art with the finished size approximately 8” x 10 1/2”, (or slight variation) — I could easily envision myself aligning this art anywhere I choose on my 12×12 page and adding my own elements around it (ie: 3 or 4 small photo’s to match the image – in a vertical strip beside this artwork (like a photo booth strip))…..

I could also create my own creative matting around the image and place that on a scrapbook page as a cover page too….and for those without a quote, I can use the print and add my own quote to the remaining edge(s).   (The ideas are really flowing now)…

But just when I have it all figured out, I then I come back to the realization that I also believe that art is art and some art should be left as is. This art stands great on it’s own.  Maria and her husband have done a great job with this. It does not really need any scrapbooking elements to go along with it.

According to the owners of Whisker Prints, “Our prints are currently created using dictionaries from the turn of the century up to the 1920’s and some pages contain small illustrations that accompany word entries. Because of their age and condition, they may have flaws such as foxing (browning and spotting), nicked edges and the occasional corner turn. However, we feel these are desirable qualities, contributing to the inherent character of each print. “

How cool is that!  A truly vintage page to add to your scrapbook album…can you really deny it?

Oh the dilemma my scrapbooking soul is now faced with…what do I do?

What would you do?

I suppose it’s the Libra in me that struggles with what to do here, but no matter what my final decision is – I’ve discovered something new in this brilliant artwork created by the husband and wife team I now admire for their creativity and it simply had to be shared.

If you like them – you can purchase individual prints OR a wholesale kit of prints here.

If you have any other creative ideas on how you might  use these prints – please share them below.  Myself and all other visitors would love to read them.

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