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Recently I was fortunate enough to receive a complimentary gift from Wise Decor – which I had happily accepted in exchange for this review. Boy am I ever ecstatic that I did this.  I absolutely love this decal.  And no, it is NOTHING like the ones you get in Michaels, Winners, HomeSense, Urban Barn or any of the others that pre-package clear stickers in the form of designs or quotes.  I have those too and this is something COMPLETELY different.

This, in my opinion – is PAINT for your walls.  It applies directly to the wall – without any thick, messy or glossy edges and it is BEAUTIFUL!  I was so incredibly impressed.

The decal I chose for this review was the Love Always and Forever Decal as seen below – because this was the core theme behind our wedding and has since been the mantra in our marriage. It has also been the core theme in many of my Scrapbook Pages dedicated to our life together – and I know  it was absolutely perfect when I saw it.

wise decor love always and forever decal

So first, lets talk about the scrapbook page that inspired all of this.  This image below is a little bolder in color (at least where the red is concerned) than you see here in this image.  In fact the page itself  does match the red I chose for my customized decal.  If you can envision that….

Anyhow, on this one photo layout – I’ve added the wedding flowers that adorned our cake, the yellow bookmark of our promise to each other that each guest received at their table, the necessary matting and embellishments – and of course our photo and story… I love this page.  It means the world to me…

wedding scrapbook photo page

Fast forward to this year which is actually our 10th year wedding anniversary year so it is one that means a lot to me.

I wanted to do something very special for our anniversary and I couldn’t really think of anything that wasn’t going to be over the top expensive.

Then, I learned about WiseDecor – and their kind offer to gift me …. this beautiful anniversary present that truly speaks to my heart. Thank you Wise Decor.

When I first visited the site, I browsed through a LOT of their decals.  I selected this one immediately – but I have to admit I was so inspired by all the rest that it did take me a while to commit to it. A week actually. If you can believe that.

I really do love their quotes and designs.  The scrapbooker in me is always looking at quotes – always loving those that motivate and look pretty too.  So this was no easy task.  But I did know in my heart that this decal was for me.

So, I received the decal in the mail (which came within 2 weeks of selecting it) – and it came in a pretty large box to ensure that it didn’t get ruined in some tightly rolled package. Awesome!

Wise Decor Decal before application


I did take it out of the box, unrol it and layed it flat under a particle board for a few days before application.  This probably isn’t necessary – but I have worked for a large format print company before and knew from experience with vinyl decals that it can help.

When ready to apply – I followed their step by step instructions to the T – because I knew that this decal was a lot more fragile than vinyl lettering from the print shop and I assumed I would need the help.  It was all very helpful.

What I did learn pretty quickly was that these decals were NOT like rub-on letters at all. They MAY use similar material (not sure) but because of their size – and the life span in the mail, in the box and under my board – they did need a heavy hand to apply.  My advice to anyone that will be getting one – is to RUB FIRMLY.  Very very firmly.


I also learned that even if you can see that the lettering or design is coming off of the backing and onto the wall – it doesn’t guarantee that it’s FULLY adhered at all.  I did have to increase the intensity of my rub the further I got into the application.  And I also had to go over some of the lettering with my fingers after the backer peeled as some lettering was only partially applied.

Wise Decor Decal Application

But after no more than 20 minutes of determination and very careful application – this decal was on the wall and absolutely perfect.  Now I did have every intention in the beginning to add this decal to my photo wall with over 30 photo’s on it – but I just couldn’t deny how “meant for” this other wall it was.  And I am over the top excited about how it turned out.  I absolutely love looking at it.

The best part of all is that I have two very clear focal points for this new statement wall as well.  I can see it from my main hallway and through my cut-out wall in the kitchen and because I get to see it every day –  it’s always a great reminder that these words MEAN something and their meaning MATTERS.

In fact,  as “airy fairy” as it may sound….after putting this decal on the wall, the LOVE in our marriage does appear to have been heightened. May not be connected at all, but I do believe that if you can see it and feel it – you will believe it (whatever it is in life).

So I see this decal as not just a decoration on my wall…I see it as a reminder of our commitment to one another.

Wise Decor Wall Quote

I hope that you find your commitment quote at Wise Decor someday too…and if you do – I would LOVE for you to share your story with me.  Please comment below and add a link to your blog where you wrote your story. I would LOVE to read it.

P.S. More wall decals in quote format can be found here.

xoxoxox Cijaye.

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